Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shabby Chic Interiors –Comfortable And Stylish

Love the lived in and comfortable feeling of the shabby chic style. It is very much popular, loved and definitely deserves a mention in my design blog. Old trunks and tables, textured fabrics and other refurbished furniture gives a nostalgic feeling.  The dull and muted subtle interiors with an accent object or a piece of furniture look outstanding. The shabby chic interiors shout out comfort and simplicity.

Shabby chic living room interiors 

Shabby chic accent piece

shabby chic kitchen @ iheartshabbychic blogspot

refurbished chair - apartmenttherapy.com
Creating a shabby chic interior is very easy and economical; you can use up lots of junk, refurbish and recreate a style of your own. I am getting into a crafty mode with shabby chic, what about you?

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