Friday, October 28, 2011

Buzzing Like The Busy Bees

With so many things to do life is certainly very busy, and I am happy with the fact that these days I don’t actually have time for any negativity or negative thoughts.I am actually blogging like the busy bees. It’s rightly said that an empty mind is a devils workshop, so I am trying to be an angel by keeping my self busy and its QED (quite easily done). Inspiration- you guessed it right the bees. They keep themselves busy but not without a reason!! After all, that hard work they put into building a beehive it is definitely a beauty and an amazing work of architecture.

Some beautiful jewelry on Etsy- with bumblebees and honeycomb patterns

Honey hoarder bee necklace

Opal Ring Flower Bee Filigree 

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Kalyan said...

Beautiful designs and the thoughts...indeed when you do something with passion and devotion its bound to be beautiful.